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About Us - Polyamorousdating.org

In recent years, dating sites have become more and more popular. Whatever you are looking for, BDSM, unicorn girl, a bisexual men, or a life partner, you can find it online. For those who want to find a polyamorous couple and who want to have a threesome or group sex, you've come to the right place.
At polyamorousdating.org, we offer professional poly dating services and tips to anyone who wants to build an open relationship.

Q & A

How do we recommend dating partners for you?

Before you register, you will need to fill in your matching requirements, age, gender, sexual orientation, region, and personality. Based on these 5 data, polyamorousdating.org will help you find the dating partner that is best for you through the 1.6 million member database. The more members who are listed in the front, the more you meet your requirements. If you don't find a member that exactly matches you, we will relax the matching conditions and recommend you to a member who may satisfy you.

Is it free?

Polyamorousdating.org is free to register and most of the features are free to use. But maintaining a website and hiring engineers requires huge financial support. So there are some advanced features on our website that require payment to be used at a cost of 30$ per month. This is not forcing you to pay, you can use the free features for chatting and dating.

Customer care

24 hours online service, you can contact us by mail or phone. We will answer any questions about the website and appointment suggestions.

General Terms & Conditions

If you use our website, you agree to our terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree, we recommend that you leave the website.
Our website offers online chat, video and dating services. So the user must be at least 18 years old. If you are a minor, we will delete your account and block your device. We are not responsible for offline dating, such as watching movies, sexual intercourse, travel, etc. Special reminder is that you must ensure your personal safety to meet members.

Privacy Policy

We collect your personal information, location, and device information. All privacy is only used for dating matching, not for sale and disclosure of anyone and company. If you do not want to continue using our services, you can click on "Delete Account" on the website or app and we will delete all your data and privacy.